By Author


Achebe, Chinua:  Things Fall Apart

Afshar, Tessa:  Thief of Corinth


Bisig, R.G.:  Gust of Wind

Bleakley, Jennifer Marshall:  Joey

Blevins, Judith & Carroll Multz:  A Flash of Red


Carter, Ali:  A Brush with Death

Chalfant, Karen:  Shattered Loyalties & Merciful Renewing

Campbell, Sophie:  Breakfast at Bronzefield

Capote, Truman:  In Cold Blood

Chevalier, Tracy:  New Boy

Christine, Katie:  Claws, Paws, Feathers, and Jaws & The Two Tails

Cline, T.A.:  The Christmas Gate

Coble, Colleen:  The House at Saltwater Point & Freedom’s Light

Coelho, Paulo:  The Alchemist

Coffey, Billy:  Steal Away Home

Cornick, Nicola:  The Phantom Tree

Crossway:  ESV Archaeology Study Bible & Story of Redemption Bible & Illuminated Bible

Crotts, John:  Graciousness


Diehl, J.H.: Tiny Infinities

Donoghue, Emma:  Room


Evans, Tony:  Kingdom Single


Ferrie, Jill:  I Go with God

Fitzpatrick, Elyse:  Finding the Love of Jesus

Ford Jr., Micheal:  24: What Can Happen in a Day

Freeman, Blake:  Haibu Lost in New York


Goldrick, M.C.:  I Spy with My Little Fly: Pups!

Grant, Callie:  Second-Chance Dogs

Gray, Patrick:  The Push

Grossman, Lev:  The Magicians


Harris, Lisa:  A Secret to Die for

Havlina, Shauna & Leanne Richter:  Jameon’s Closet Maribel’s Rainy Day

Henry, Rebecca:  The Lady Raven

Heusler, Marianna:  One Stone Left Unturned

Humphry, Derek:  Good Life, Good Death

Hunter, Kristi Ann:  A Defense of Honor


Jensen, Bonnie:  God, I Know You’re There

Jones, Finis T.:  Quack-A-Nack


Kindall, Brian:  Blue Sky

Klaassen, Mike:  Hansel and Gretel


Lee, Guenevere:  Orope — The White Snake

Lindley, Maureen:  The Beloveds

Lindsay, Katherine:  A Girl’s Best Friend

Lloyd, Heather:  My Name Is Venus Black


March, Madelyn:  The Giving House

Mark, T.E.:  No Way Out

Markert, James:  What Blooms from Dust

Mason, Susan Anne:  A Most Noble Heir

McKnight, Scot:  Open to the Spirit

Milne, Patrick:  The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz


Nesbet, Anne:  The Orphan Band of Springdale


Orchard, Kerry:  How to Tame Dragons and Hush Hyenas

Orwell, George:  Animal Farm

Osifo, Uyi:  Chicken Hero


Parks, Jenny:  Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats

Prewitt, J. Everett:  Something About Ann


Radman, David:  When Grandpa Gets Going

Riva, Lana Grace:  Happier Thinking


Shafiei, Niloufar:  Feelu: Explore Your Feelings

Silverthorne, Sandy:  Crack Yourself Up

Smith, Debra White:  First Impressions

Stevenson, Robert:  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Tebow, Tim:  This Is the Day


Voltaire:  Candide


Walsh, Courtney:  Just Let Go

Willbanks, Ron:  Career by Design

Williams, M.K. & Natalie Kavanagh:  Beyond the Mirror: Seechers

Williams, Phil:  Aftan Whispers

Wright, A.L.:  Blood Ties


Zaharony, Dolev:  Far Beyond the Sun

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