Kingdom Single ~Book Review~

kingdom single

Kingdom Single

By: Tony Evans

4 stars

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Very Clean (Topics to consider: religion, sex, divorce, and homosexuality.)

First of all, what is a “Kingdom Single”? According to the author, it is “an unmarried Christian who is committed to fully and freely maximizing his or her completeness under the rule of God and the lordship of Jesus Christ.” That long answer simply means “a single Christian.” This book teaches you how to be one that is content in Christ. Kingdom Single is for unmarried… women, men, youth, elderly, widowed, divorced, single parents – anyone who is seeking a relationship (or even those who are happy in their singleness.)

So many topics are touched on in this book. Because so many topics are discussed, of course there has to be a section on sex. That could be very awkward for some to read, yet I think Evans did a very thorough and thoughtful job. It definitely applies to today’s society.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I went into this book, but I thought, “I’m single — why not read it!” One thing that surprised me (but I love it) is that it doesn’t teach you how to wait patiently for your spouse like a lot of other books. Kingdom Single teaches you how to get on with life and enjoy your single time! It teaches you to live in the now. Marriage isn’t what should make you whole — God is.

The funniest part of this book to me was the cover. Maybe it’s supposed to be a group of four single friends, but to me it just looks like two couples… on the cover of a book about singleness… Ha!

This book felt like an interesting how-to manual for life. I believe so many people need to read this. I ended up marking a ton of sections to show to my single friends. Kingdom Single teaches that loneliness and wanting to be married are totally normal, but you can find contentment even when you’re lacking something. You’re part of something bigger.

I recommend Kingdom Single to all single people! It really is a good resource. Here’s a look at some of my favorite quotes:

  • “Living as a satisfied single … comes in learning how to walk that tightrope of … longing for more yet still delighting if more simply never arrives.” (pg 5)
  • “…spiritually [address] the issue without being consumed by it.” (pg 35)
  • “…never let your yesterday keep you from your tomorrow.” (pg 62)
  • “While contentment does not cancel the loss that Christian singles experience, it does give them the spiritual capacity to be okay in spite of it.” (pg 67)


~I was sent a free copy of this book from Tyndale for an honest review~

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