24: What Can Happen in a Day ~Book Review~


24: What Can Happen in a Day

By: Michael Ford Jr.

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Disgusting (10+ Curse Words. Topics to consider: suicides, nakedness, descriptions of body parts, mentions of sex, mention of rape, blood, descriptive injuries, and death.)

4 stars

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a firefighter? Well, this book is your chance to get an insider’s view on what exactly happens in a day. This story has such an amazing, unique perspective that helps you appreciate how hard of a job these people have. I believe this is especially good for someone who is interested in firefighting as a career.

This autobiography flows quite smoothly even though the timeline is all over the place. The author makes it very obvious when he tries to teach the reader a life lesson, and I actually enjoyed his teachings. I did get a little tired of his constant defining of words, but it would be very helpful for someone who is not at all familiar with medical or firefighting terms.

The drawings in this book are quite interesting! It appears that the author sketched some of his adventures. They definitely aren’t professional, but they add a nice touch to the book.

24: What Can Happen in a Day really makes you think. It not only made me feel more appreciative and sorry for firefighters and medical personnel, but it also made me realize how stupid, heartless, and crazy people are!

I did enjoy reading this book. It made me sad, happy, and want to gag at the same time. All of the incidents he describes are very, very detailed (even to the point of grotesque), so I wouldn’t recommend this to kids or anyone with a weak stomach.

So, is firefighting for you? Maybe you should read this before you decide.


~I was sent a free copy of this book for an honest review~

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