Steal Away Home ~Book Review~

steal away home

Steal Away Home

By: Billy Coffey

Cleanliness: Yuck (10+ curse words. Other questionable content: mention of middle finger, mention of characters cursing, drinking, smoking, lying, non-descriptive kissing, and death.)

2 Stars

If you like baseball a lot, you might like this book. It seemed like such a good idea: baseball, childhood love, religion, forgiveness, etc. It was just too much.

For one, it jumped all over the place. I think I would’ve rated it three stars if it had simply stayed in chronological order. Flashbacks are fun in stories, but not constant ones. In certain cases, the characters were talking about things that hadn’t happened yet in the book, and you wouldn’t understand anything until the next chapter.

Religion was very sparse in the first half of the book (it came in random spurts here and there). The second half of the book became very religious in an odd way. I can’t really explain this without giving spoilers. Suffice it to say that the religion caused turmoil and acted like a cult or even a weird science experiment. Take a look at this quote:

“Our skin was gone, stripped away, the bones and muscles left as thin translucent strips that held together not merely blood and vessel but a universe of tiny pointed lights laid in a shape of ringlets.”

No, this is not horror — this is a profound religious experience. Luckily, this is probably the weirdest part of the book.

I did not like Steal Away Home, but maybe you will. If you have read this book and like it, please tell me your opinion of it. I feel like I might have missed something.


~I was sent a free ecopy from NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for an honest review~


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