Feelu ~Book Review~

Feelu: Explore Your Feelings

By: Niloufar Shafiei

5 Stars

Topics to consider: bullying

Feelu is a very in-depth book that teaches kids how to deal with emotions as well as bullying. It uses examples, pictures, and colors to explain how to express each emotion and where that emotion fits into life. The illustrations are absolutely adorable!! They do a very good job at expressing all the different emotions. I’m impressed by how well the author explained big feelings such as heartbroken or worried.

I also love that there is a short, kid-friendly table of contents in the front. The features of Feelu allow it to be a book that your child could potentially pick up and reference on their own. Each emotion is explained, used in a animal-inspired situation, and negative emotions have a explanation of what should be done to fix them.

This book is an absolutely amazing tool, and it’s also designed to be compatible with the autism spectrum. There is a section that walks you through mediation and mindfulness, and another section that walks you through dealing with bullies. Not only is the book excellent on its own, but there is also an app that can be accessed as a further tool for parents! I definitely recommend this book for all kids and their parents who are helping them work through big feelings.

One of my favorite sections: “Children are all different, with all different colors. Some of them can walk, hear, and talk, and some are not able to. Just different. Not better. Not worse. But all children have the same colorful feelings. It is never okay to hurt each other’s feelings.”

~I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review~

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