A Defense of Honor ~Book Review~

a defense of honor

A Defense of Honor

By: Kristi Ann Hunter

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Very Clean (No curse words. Topics to consider: premarital pregnancy, blackmail, religion, and brief kissing.)

4.5 stars

This story was so touching. A Defense of Honor is a tale about rejection, abandonment, 1800s etiquette, forgiveness, and beautiful love. I can’t exactly place the genre. It is a mixture of historical fiction, romance, mystery, and drama.

The beginning of this book was just plain confusing. Many of the important details weren’t told until close to the middle! But, when the story came together, it really came together!

I went into A Defense of Honor expecting the typical fluffy, forbidden romance story. That was not the case at all! This tale is so much deeper and moving than you would expect and actually focuses more on the important parts of the story than the romance. It shows the pain of mistakes, the consequences of secrets, and the forgiveness of true friends. Counting your blessings can really go a long way.

This book was so enjoyable and hard to put down! I ended up reading it in one day even though it’s a fairly long book. If you like sweet romance, risks for good causes, and caring characters, I definitely recommend this book to you!

~I was sent a free copy of this book from Bethany House for an honest review~

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