Quack-A-Nack ~Book Review~


Quack-A-Nack: The Duck That Couldn’t Quack

By: Finis T. Jones

Topics to consider: loss of child and mention of drowning.

2 stars

This book was truly odd. If you don’t wish to hear about formatting, skip this paragraph. Imagine a 30-page, 9″x 9″ children’s picture book. How much of each page would you expect to be covered in words? I think of a third at the most (possibly spread out). So, I was quite shocked to open it and find every other page totally covered in words. This book cannot be read by a young child – it would have to be read to them. I think it would have been much better with more pictures and fewer words per page.

The writing style itself was a little strange, too. I felt it was aimed at a three-year-old, but the story and some wordings were written to eight-year-olds and up.

The main storyline was basically about a mother duck that got so excited about being in the Olympics that she wasn’t careful with her child. I felt like the whole story was very, very rushed and also had lots of unnecessary details (like specifying how many feet ahead another swimmer was). One major thing that made me sad was that the duck’s name “Quack-A-Nack” was completely random! I expected it to tie into the story somehow.

One thing about this story that made it two stars instead of one was basically the last page. I liked the emphasis on the love and forgiveness that was shown. I also thought the illustrations were adorable! Chickens are actually my favorite animals, so I really enjoyed Mother Hen.

Maybe I was expecting too much out of this book, but I did not like it. Feel free to read it for yourselves, and tell me what I missed!


~I was sent a free copy of this book for an honest review~


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