Shattered Loyalties ~Book Review~

shattered loyalties

Shattered Loyalties

By: Karen Chalfant

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Slightly Tainted (No cursing. Topics to consider: smoking, drinking, slavery, abuse, religion, murder, brief kissing, and death.)

4.5 Stars

Shattered Loyalties talked about two very tough subjects: sexism in the 1800s and slavery in the 1800s. The author did it rather well! This was a very interesting story that was hard to put down. It’s only 184 pages, so I definitely wanted more! Even though it was that short, the story was done wonderfully.

If you don’t care about the formatting of the book, skip this paragraph. This book had a lot of problems. The first thing I noticed was that the running heads weren’t at the top of the page — they were quite a ways toward the middle. That was very odd, and made it look sloppy. Also, the running heads were on pages they shouldn’t be on (like blank pages and the dedication page)! There was also many grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and spacing errors throughout. I assumed that the book was self-published, but it was not. So, most of those errors reflect on the publishing company, not the author.

One thing I really enjoyed about this book was that it had girl-power even in the 1800s! I loved seeing the main female character stand up for herself and her slaves.

Shattered Loyalties was a really interesting and sad book. I think it’s a good way to read about history with an insider’s viewpoint. I definitely recommend it!

~I was sent a free copy of this book from AuthorsDen for an honest review~

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