My Name is Venus Black ~Book Review~

My name is Venus Black

My Name is Venus Black (ARC)

By: Heather Lloyd

Expected Publication: February 27, 2018

Cleanliness: Trash (50+ curse words. Other topics to consider: mental health, prison, hate, smoking, drugs, mention of sexual abuse, mention of suicide, and death.)

2 stars

I have never rated a book as trash before. I was so terribly disappointed. Because of the extreme amount of cursing, I did not even finish this book.

I loved the beginning of My Name is Venus Black. It looked so interesting, and the topic completely pulled me in. The writing style threw me back out. This book is an adult topic written like a middle-grade novel. On the upside, it does mean it’s super easy to read.

The first few chapters, it seemed like it would be a perfectly clean book. All of a sudden it was like the author remembered that they wanted the characters to curse, and there were three or four words randomly in a row. From that point on, practically every single conversation had a string of them. As my grandmother would say, “It would even make a sailor blush!” This also made the writing sound worse. The strings of curse words were sometimes extremely awkward — almost like they were inserted as an afterthought.

I rated this book two stars overall because the writing itself only deserved a three (in my opinion), even without taking cleanliness into consideration. I’m sorry to say that I do not recommend this book.


~I was a sent a free ecopy from NetGalley and Random House for an honest review~

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