A Brush With Death ~Book Review~

a brush with death

A Brush With Death

By: Ali Carter

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Yuck (10+ curse words. Other content: smoking, drinking, mention of sex, descriptions of privates, religion, murder, and death.)

3.5 stars

This book was simply odd. I think I expected too much of it. There was mystery, a tiny bit of romance, and humor; but none of it was overly exciting or thrilling. I found the beginning very slow with too many details.

I couldn’t figure out the time period of this tale for a while. I assumed it was 1800s because of the servants and titles (such as lord, lady, etc.), but then they got into their fancy cars and drove off. It was very modern with a twist — which I enjoyed.

The mystery part of A Brush With Death was pretty good! It definitely wasn’t Agatha Christie worthy (as it claimed on the back), but the author did a good job with keeping the mystery going. I did think it ended a little abruptly.

I have very mixed feelings on this book. I didn’t mind reading it, but I would definitely not read it again.



~I was sent a free copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review~

5 thoughts on “A Brush With Death ~Book Review~

      1. I downloaded and read the book yesterday. I gave it 5 star’s and really enjoyed it. I found on one word I might consider a scare word and 3 mentions I would consider sexual parts. This was clean compare with the previous book by the author which I can’t remember the title right now. My review will be on my blog probably sometime this week. I have 5 to write. I am now looking for next one. The synopsis relied heavy on animals and there wasn’t much on the animals.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my book. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it so much. Here’s hoping if by any chance you give the next one in the series, The Colours of Murder (May 2019) a go you’ll like it better.
    I noticed bettylouise31’s comment ‘This was clean compare with the previous book by the author which I can’t remember the title right now.’ and just wanted to say I think you have muddled me up with another Ali Carter. I have written one non-fiction book before about a pilgrimage on foot from Canterbury to Rome. It’s called An Accidental Jubilee by Alice Warrender (my maiden name) and I think it’s pretty clean! Thanks.

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