Illuminated Bible ~Review~

illuminated bible

ESV Illuminated Bible – Art Journaling Edition

Published by: Crossway

4 stars

This bible is so, so beautiful! It’s perfect for people who love doodling in the margins of their bible. A lot of the pages have at least one golden illustration or fancy verse. There are some random pages with a full verse covering the page. My favorite part has to be the title page for each book of the bible (see photos below). Each takes up a complete page, and although it may seem to have random illustrations, they all have meanings behind them that can be found in the index.

There are a few things I don’t like about this bible. First, the pages are a little too thin. You can clearly see illustrations and words on the opposite side of each page. I haven’t written in it, but it appears that anything you write could bleed onto the next page if you aren’t careful. Secondly, the random illustrations in the margins are beautiful, but they take up quite a bit of room that could be left for the owner to write in. I would have preferred only illustrated verses, not swirls and flowers.

I love this bible, but only for the purpose it’s meant for. The Illuminated Bible has no references or extra things at the end – it’s just pretty. If you want a “just pretty” bible to doodle in, then this is perfect for you!


~I was sent a free copy of this book from Crossway for an honest review~


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