Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats ~Book Review~

star trek cats

Star Trek: The Next Generations Cats

By: Jenny Parks

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Very Clean

4.5 stars

Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats is an hilarious picture book for adults (or kids!) I think children would really love the pictures, but they definitely wouldn’t understand the references. You really need to have watched Star Trek: Next Generation to read this, or you will simply be looking at pictures of cats in clothes! (I’m sure cat lovers would enjoy that, too!)

I was impressed by how the author could draw a cat and make you see the person it was based on! I loved her drawing style. All of her iconic Star Trek scenes were done so purr-fectly. 😉 Even if you couldn’t remember what scene one of the pictures was off of, she included an episode list in the back that was super helpful; yet it’s also the part of the book I have a problem with. It’s very informative with the page number, season number, and episode number; but… the pages aren’t numbered… Yes, the episode list works — if you want to count the pages first.

This book is a very quick read that will be sure to invoke giggles. It contained many of my favorite moments in the series. I would recommend it for cat lovers and Star Trek lovers alike!


~I was sent a free copy of this book from the publicist for an honest review~

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