Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Audra Watts and this site is where I write reviews and simply chat about books. 😀

I rate books based on grammar, how well they held my attention, format, topic, and cleanliness (cursing, violence, sex, etc.) I try to always be specific when rating.

If you’d like to submit a book for review, head over to my contact page for submission guidelines!

How my cleanliness scale works:

Children’s books – Any questionable content appears above the star rating.

5 Very Clean – Possibly mature topics, but completely appropriate content.

4 Slightly Tainted – Possibly some violence, cursing, sexual things, etc.

3 Yuck – Adult content in small amounts.

2 Disgusting – Medium amounts of adult content throughout.

1 Trash – Large amounts of sex, foul language, and/or violence throughout.

How my star system works:

5 stars – That was AMAZING!!!!! I want to reread it already!!!!!

4.5 stars – That was almost perfect!

4 stars – That was really good, but I would change a couple things.

3.5 stars – That was decently good, but not my favorite.

3 stars – Eh, that was okay. I’m probably going to donate this book.

2.5 stars – That was not too good.

2 stars – Well, that was a pretty awful book.

1.5 stars – That had maybe one redeeming quality.

1 star – That was TERRIBLE!!! What a piece of junk!!!

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I like how you explain your rating. It is very similar to mine but I spelled it out. One thing I do not put negative ratings on my blog. I will let the author or publisher know, but don’t put it on my site. I have been reading books for around 75 years. I know what I like: satire. Right now, I write a review on every book I read. I read almost all the mysteries. I accept very few books from authors as I tend to forget. I tried to keep a promise. Thanks, again.

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    1. Thank you! I hate putting bad reviews on my blog, and I always try to be as nice as possible! I also ask them if they are sure they want me to continue reading if I’m not enjoying it. I accept too many books from people, sometimes! Haha. Thanks for commenting!

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  2. Hello Audra, I too do not enjoy the task of writing a bad review. But sometimes, even a bad review can still show strengths in a book… Unless it’s just a pure lemon all around!

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    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Yes! I agree! I always try to highlight negatives in a way that explains why I thought it was bad. After all, not everything I disliked will necessarily be disliked by others.


    1. Thank you!! Cleanliness is very important to me but I’ve always found it hard to find reviews that will actually tell you what’s in the book. So, I decided to do my own! 🙂Thanks for stopping by!


    1. My “cleanliness” rating is no reflection on how good or bad the book is. It’s simply an easy way to describe how much adult content is in a book for those readers who care. If you’ll notice on my latest reviews, I have moved away from that terminology to a 1-5 scale in order to not confuse people by what I mean by “disgusting” or “trash.” (The words just remain on this page so people can reference it for older reviews when needed.)

      A 5-star book could easily be a 1 (previously “trash”) or 2 on my cleanliness scale, but still be a spectacular read! Thanks for stopping by!


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