Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Audra Watts and this site is where I write reviews and simply chat about books. I post every Saturday, some Tuesdays, and occasionally in-between. 😀

I rate books based on grammar, how well they held my attention, format, topic, and mainly cleanliness (cursing, violence, sex, etc.) I try to always be specific on what was wrong.

If you’d like to submit a book for review, head over to my contact page for submission guidelines!


How my cleanliness scale works:

Angel – Absolutely no “bad things” in this book. You could read it to a five-year-old. (Only used for children’s books.)

Very Clean – More mature topics, but it’s perfectly fine.

Slightly Tainted – Possibly some violence, cursing, sexual things, etc. (I will be specific.)

Yuck – Bad things in small amounts. (I personally skim these.)

Disgusting – Medium amounts of dirt throughout. (I do not finish these or just skim.)

Trash – Large amounts of filth throughout. (35+ curse words qualifies. I do not finish these.)


How my star system works:

5 stars – That was AMAZING!!!!! I want to reread it already!!!!!

4 stars – That was really good, but some things I would change.

3 stars – Eh, that was okay. I’m probably going to donate this book.

2 stars – Well, that was a pretty awful book.

1 star – That was TERRIBLE!!! What a piece of junk!!!


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I like how you explain your rating. It is very similar to mine but I spelled it out. One thing I do not put negative ratings on my blog. I will let the author or publisher know, but don’t put it on my site. I have been reading books for around 75 years. I know what I like: satire. Right now, I write a review on every book I read. I read almost all the mysteries. I accept very few books from authors as I tend to forget. I tried to keep a promise. Thanks, again.

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    1. Thank you! I hate putting bad reviews on my blog, and I always try to be as nice as possible! I also ask them if they are sure they want me to continue reading if I’m not enjoying it. I accept too many books from people, sometimes! Haha. Thanks for commenting!

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