The Giving House ~Book Review~

giving house

The Giving House

By: Madelyn March

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Disgusting (25+ curse words. Other content to consider: cancer, abuse, religion, stillbirth, implied sex, two descriptive rape scenes, adultery, and death.)

3.5 stars

This is a very intriguing book. The whole story is a flashback told by a guilty narrator who is dying of brain cancer. She simply wants to confess her biggest sin to anyone who will listen.

The Giving House is packed full of intense scenes and difficult topics. It was disturbing, but meaningful; sad, but victorious; terrible, but real. It was a little hard to read because of how upset it made me. The worst part is that the book represents what real people have gone through.

I found a lot of this book fairly predictable, but still enjoyable. I did skim part of it because of the amount of curse words. To me, it is odd to have a semi-religious premise about forgiveness with such awful filth inside.

The premise and style of this book was amazing. It is very unique, and shows that a lot of good people have an awful past.


~I was sent a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review~

3 thoughts on “The Giving House ~Book Review~

  1. I am not sure confessing every awful aspect of one’s life should be published in a book. There are a lot of terrible life stories that people could tell, but life is rough and we all have our own burdens to bear. I agree that cussing does not go with anything religious. I do not think I would care to read this book.

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