The Phantom Tree ~Book Review~

the phantom tree

The Phantom Tree

By: Nicola Cornick

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Disgusting (15+ curse words. 1 descriptive sexual scene, multiple semi-descriptive sexual scenes. Other content: murder, witchcraft, drinking, nakedness, lying, kissing, pregnancy, and death.)

4 stars

This is the most well-done time travel book I’ve ever read. Actually, it is the best multiple-point-of-view books I’ve ever read.

The very beginning is slightly confusing. I feel like the book throws you into a situation a little too quickly, but it all comes together. There is also a lot more romance than I first thought there would be.

I was so impressed by the skips from modern to medieval time — such smooth transitions! The characters were also well-done. They were so lovable at times, and at others you loved to hate them.

The Phantom Tree was an incredibly gripping book. I would have definitely rated it five stars if it hadn’t been for the nastiness in it. The cursing was unneeded, and the sexual scenes were extremely distasteful. For that reason (I’m sorry to say), I cannot recommend it even though the plot was interesting.


~I was sent a free ecopy from NetGalley and Graydon House~

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