Gust of Wind ~Book Review~

gust of wind

Gust of Wind

By: R. G. Bisig

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Disgusting (20+ curse words. Other content: murder, mentions of sex, descriptions of body parts, nakedness, and death.)

4 stars

[Side note: I skimmed the last half of this book due to the amount of cursing.]

If you like Marvel or DC, you will love this book. It basically feels like a branch off of the X-Men storyline. (One direct “rip-off” was the XZ-gene vs Marvel’s X-gene.) I’m very glad the author dedicated the books to Stan Lee and other comic creators.

This book had some very exciting fight scenes. It was fun to read about all the different abilities the mutants possessed.

I really enjoyed the sister/brother bond in Gust of Wind, but the romance I could’ve done without. This is one of those stories that could’ve easily excluded that kind of relationship and still had an amazing story. It just felt a little out of place for me.

Cleanliness aside, this book is really great! (And so is the cover!) Gust of Wind brings in all the elements of an X-Men story and gives you something new. Mutant vs. human… World War III is about to start.


~I was sent a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review~

2 thoughts on “Gust of Wind ~Book Review~

  1. Does not sound like a book I would wish to read. You always seem to find the good in each book you review, which is good. Too bad author’s think adding curse words makes it more interesting – to me it does not!

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