Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July to all of my American friends! Although it's just an average day to most of the rest of the world, the fourth of July is the day when we Americans can put aside our differences, be patriotic, and shoot fireworks! To celebrate, I decided to choose three books that are red, … Continue reading Happy Independence Day!


Happy Father’s Day!

  Happy Father's Day!! In celebration of this lovely day, I decided to choose my favorite fictional father (alliteration is awesome!) just like I chose a motherly figure on Mother's Day (check it out here)! I feel like father figures are often overlooked in literature. It was hard for me to think of many prominent … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

Romance Books (And Why I Don’t Read Them)

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Today is the day for cuddling, romantic dinners, chocolates, candles, kisses, etc. For some, though, it's a day of feeling sorry for yourself and drowning sorrows in steamy romance books. I may have some chocolates and a nice meal, but I am neither of those stereotypes. The number one reason … Continue reading Romance Books (And Why I Don’t Read Them)