The Push ~Book Review~

The push

The Push

By: Patrick Gray

Ages 5+ Topic to consider: disability.

4.5 stars

I didn’t understand the name of this book until I looked at the cover. I might have “aww’d” a little! Haha. The pictures were very cute throughout, and I liked how some of the words overlapped the pictures while some had their own white space. (It was a teensy bit hard to read when the words were in a tree, though.)

The Push teaches kids that just because you have differences doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with someone. It also shows how you can help people with disabilities. It actually was a deep story!

One main character, Marcus, went the extra mile for his friend. The one thing that took this down to a 4.5 stars for me was that while it did teach how to go that extra mile, I felt it might give too high of expectations to some children. Not every friend is a Marcus, and I think the author should have touched on that, too.

This was a very sweet book that I think a lot of children will enjoy and learn from. It’s especially sweet because it is based off the real-life friendship of the author and his illustrator.


~I was sent a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers for an honest review~


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