Merry Christmas ~Book Tag~

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” It’s Christmas!!!!!! I absolutely can’t believe how fast time is going for me. I swear, Christmas 2017 happened only a couple months ago! Haha! I hope you all have a very happy holiday. Thanks to Nervous Bookworm for the tag!


🎄 You get up on Christmas morning and your stocking is full! You take it down and start to unwrap the treats inside. The first thing you see is…

🍊 An orange! Which book is refreshing and vibrant, both inside and out?

Joey by: Jennifer Bleakly. This book was so heartwarming and showed that there is still good in the world! If you haven’t read it, you NEED to!


🍫 The next thing you see is a bag of chocolate coins. (Yum!) Which book have you recently bought that was expensive but totally worth the high price?

I don’t buy expensive books…. lol I’m such a cheapskate. THe most expensive one that I was sent recently is the ESV Archaeology Study Bible (around $50).


🛁 You also pull out a bath bomb. Tell us about a book that had explosive action scenes.

I can think of plenty of those, but the first that came to mind was The Crescent Stone by: Matt Mikalatos.

the crescent stone

♦️ Next is a pack of playing cards. Which series won you over?

The Spiderwick Chronicles! I didn’t think I would enjoy them, but I ended up practically reading them in one day!

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🕯 You also get a candle. Which character is a symbol of hope in their story?

Ella from Ella Minnow Pea by: Mark Dunn. She stands up for what she believes in, and doesn’t let the rules of her world get in the way of the truth.

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🧦 There are socks inside too. Is there a book that you think really encompasses all the distinctive tropes of its genre?

Can anyone tell me what the tropes of different genres are? I honestly don’t know.

📖 There’s also a notebook. Which author’s writing do you find most interesting/inspiring?

I find J.K. Rowling inspiring because she puts so much thought into her books. I also find Tim Tebow inspiring because he has worked hard to be where he is, but still tries to help others along the way.

this is the day

🖊 To go with the notebook, there’s a fancy pen. Is there a book or a series that you’d change if you’d written it yourself?

I would make the Harry Potter series have a few less deaths.

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🕰 There’s also a small bedside clock. Which book took you a long time to pick up but was worth it in the end?

Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen (a.k.a. my favorite romance book of all time)! I didn’t think it was going to be up my alley at all, but I was so wrong.

See the source image🌑 Your pile is getting really big. You reach in to pull out the last gift and it’s… a lump of coal? You’re a little disappointed. But you look closer and realize there’s a seam running through the coal. You crack it open and sitting inside is a tiny golden snitch. Tell us about a book that surprised you in some way.

Candide by: Voltaire. It was much, much more repulsive than I thought it would be.candide

I just have to say, that’s a pretty impressive stocking! I could never fit all that into my actual one. Would your answers have been the same? What bookish item did you hope to get for Christmas? Thanks for reading and happy holidays!! 🎄 🎁

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