The Crescent Stone ~Book Review~

the crescent stone

The Crescent Stone

By: Matt Mikalatos

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Very Clean (No cursing. Topics to consider: terminal illness, blood, war, and death.)

4.5 stars

With mystery, magic, humor, and even history, The Crescent Stone is a very fun book to read! In a land where everyone keeps their word (except when they don’t…), the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy is taken to the extreme. You have to remember, there are always two sides to a story.

The story began with very tough, real-life and developed quite quickly into a wonderful fantasy world. This book has amazing world-building! I found it very easy to get swept away into. It reminded me of the worlds in The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. The characters are very interesting, likable, and some were relatable.

One of the main characters, Jason, is an obvious comic relief and very good at it! I would compare him to Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter because not only is he cute and makes lame jokes, but he also cares deeply about his friends and shows great bravery.

The Crescent Stone causes the reader to think about some very important questions. What would you give up for your friends? What’s the price of health and happiness to you? Would you sacrifice someone else to save yourself?

I loved all the extra fables and quotes from the fictional cultures that were mentioned in the book! I think that really brought the story to life.

I really enjoyed this book and am really looking forward to it’s sequel! It taught a wonderful message of love and sacrifice, while still giving you an amazing, magical story. I definitely recommend it to all lovers of fantasy!


~I was sent a free copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review~

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