Bruu Tea Subscription Box ~Unboxing~


This is something a little different for my blog, but also something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I received a subscription box! I know it’s not a bookish subscription box, but what is better with books than tea? Thank you to Bruu – The Gourmet Tea Club for giving me a discount on a box for an honest review! Check them out on their website, Facebook, and Instagram! I’m so excited! Let’s begin.

What’s inside: According to their site, each box includes three different teas based on your preferences (the amount of tea you can get will be enough to make 25 cups at least) and a themed surprise (“anything from chocolates to cakes, we even had a space themed box full of spacey sweets!”).

Cost: £10 a month and £2.99 shipping for everyone outside of the UK.

Details: This is a monthly box. You can choose to pay by the month or get a subscription. It ships around the first of the month. (I got mine on the 11th in the U.S.) All their teas are “ethically sourced, hand-picked, packed with natural and healthy ingredients, and higher quality than tea bags found in grocery stores.”


My first impressions on this box were that it was adorable, but smaller than I expected. I was thinking, “What kind of extra surprise could fit in that?” Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised.


The May box I received included:

  • Portlebay Popcorn: Sweet and Salty Kracklecorn
  • Exotic Lychee Green Tea
  • Diamond Black Tea
  • Famous White Dragon Tea

This was my view after opening. (Minus the flowers, of course. 😀 )


The photos confused me at first.


Until I realized they had information about Bruu on the back.



My reviews of the products:

1st – Portlebay Popcorn: Sweet & Salty Kracklecorn


The surprise for this month was popcorn! There are very few sweets I can have due to my peanut allergy, so I was slightly apprehensive about what I was going to get. Not only did I like the cute package, but that popcorn was delicious! It was basically a very good kettlecorn. I may or may not have eaten it all in one day…

Ingredients: Popped Maize Corn, Raw Cane Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, and Sea Salt.

2nd – Exotic Lychee Green Tea


img_4776.jpgThe ingredients in this tea just made it sound so beautiful! Exotic Lychee Green smells sort of like artificial rose scent with a little jasmine to me. The steeped tea smelled like water with a spritz of flower perfume. Haha!

This tea has really large pieces of leaf in it (mostly greenish with some tan and teensy bits of pink), so I was surprised to see quite a bit of it left in the bottom of the cup. (My tea infuser does have big holes, though.)

It didn’t look quite steeped enough at the recommended three minutes (and I also like stronger tea), so I steeped it around five minutes. It had less color than I thought it would.

The taste was excellent! It was very fruity, flowery, and sweet. I could taste the jasmine and what I can best describe as a candy watermelon type taste (I suppose that is the lychee). I could definitely see this not being everyone’s favorite, but I really enjoyed it!

Ingredients: Green Tea, Strawberry Pieces, Lychee, Jasmine Blossoms, and Rose Petals.

3rd – Diamond Black Tea


IMG_4772I love some of the descriptions they put on their tea. Haha! The look of Diamond Black reminded me of one of my favorite Earl Grey teas. It is mostly black and brown with a few purple flowers.

The smell threw me off a little because it smells strongly of tea tree oil to me (probably the bergamot). But, the steeped tea only smelled like your average black tea.

It took around two minutes for there to be any significant color change in the water at all, which surprised me. I waited the four minutes it said to, but it didn’t look done steeping in the slightest. (It was a pale yellowish color.) I ended up waiting around 6-7 minutes until it was a little darker (see the picture above).

The taste was so yummy! I can’t even explain what it tasted like exactly. It’s just black tea with a twist. I definitely recommend it, and I think it was my favorite out of all of them!

Ingredients: Black Tea, Mallow Blossoms, and Bergamot.



4th – Famous White Dragon Tea


img_4777.jpgI have to say this was the one I was most excited about. Not only did it say it was one of their most popular teas, but… dragons!

The smell is exactly like gummy bears (or fruit vitamins?)! The steeped tea just smells a little fruity.

As I was going to brew this tea, I saw the steep time. 10 seconds?! I’ve never heard of that before! Have any of you had a tea that only steeps 10 seconds?! I honestly wasn’t even sure that could work. I ended up steeping it about 30 seconds and thought it didn’t steep until I tasted it. Famous White Dragon has no real color at all.

I really want to rename this gummy bear tea! It tasted just like gummy bears, but actually didn’t taste like tea. My friend who hates tea tried it, and he didn’t mind it at all. I did enjoy it, too. It’s a super unique tea.

Ingredients: China Sencha, Kukicha, Pai Mu Tan, Dragon Fruit, Lemon Grass, Kiwi, Raspberry, and Pomegranate Arils.


In conclusion, would I recommend Bruu? Yes, yes, yes! Bruu is much cheaper than buying loose-leaf tea in a store, it’s higher quality, and may just introduce you to your next favorite tea! Go ahead and try a box out! You can buy one here:

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this kind of post, be sure to tell me in the comments, and I may just do a few more unboxings!


You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

~ C.S. Lewis ☕️


16 thoughts on “Bruu Tea Subscription Box ~Unboxing~

  1. Thanks for sharing your review. My May box was completely different! One thing to note is that colour has nothing to do with the readiness of the brew. Some teas are just more light by nature, especially white tea, so they won’t go as dark as you expect them. If you infuse the leaves for too long you run the risk of releasing too much tannin.

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  2. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any assistance is very much appreciated.

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    1. I do get a lot of spam comments, but they should all just go to your spam folder where it is easy to delete (or ignore). You can always turn your settings on to where you must approve every comment. That way, no spam will get through. Good luck!


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