My Top Ten Books

I love books, but I don’t normally go straight for the most popular section of the bookstore (more like Goodwill haha). I like unique books that a lot of people may not have read. How else are you going to make a new book a popular book if someone doesn’t pick it up for the first time?

Here is my list of my top books with my own dorky descriptions. Some are stereotypical, but others you may have never heard of before.


1. (Stereotypical count: 1) Pride and Prejudice By: Jane Austen – Two extremely stubborn people hate each other and end up falling in love.

This is literally my favorite romance book of all time. It started out super slow, and I almost put it back on my shelf. I am so happy I didn’t. By the end of it, I had butterflies in my stomach and lay on my bed with it clutched to my heart. I just felt (as Anne of Green Gables would say) so hopelessly romantic.


2. (Stereotypical count: 2) Harry Potter Series By: J.K. Rowling – An orphan lives with his awful aunt and uncle but discovers he’s a wizard. He goes to a wizard school and attempts to defeat the unstoppable evil wizard who killed his parents.

This, my friends, was my childhood. My father let me watch the first Harry Potter at age 11 (the same as Harry) and continued to do that the next couple years until he gave up and let me watch the rest all at once. I do regret that I didn’t get to read the books before I watched the movies, but I survived. I know this isn’t necessarily a single book, but it’s just too hard to pick one!


3. Without a Trace By: Colleen Coble – A woman tries to solve a murder that links to the disappearance of her husband and son.

Here is one you may not have heard of. I love this book so much and I never expected to. It’s a very interesting mystery, so interesting that I could barely put it down! It had it’s problems like any other book, but it’s worth the read.


4. Oogy By: Larry Levin – (non-fiction) An abused bait dog finds a happy family.

This is my first and only non-fiction book on my top ten. This story shows the despicable, evil side of humanity and the terrible things that some creatures go through. But, it also shows the love that some people can show and how you can get through anything if you try hard enough.


5. (Stereotypical count: 3) The Narnia Series By: C.S. Lewis – Children find a magical world where Aslan, a great lion, reigns. They help to keep peace and keep the evil queen away.

This is, again, a series where I watched the movies before I read the books. The books are definitely better! I love how they bring out such a magical quality and let your imagination run wild.


6. Sherlock Holmes By: Arthur Conan Doyle – A detective and his friend solve unusual mysteries.

Who here adores BBC’s Sherlock series starring the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch? (Me! Me!) I fell in love with this character and just had to read some of Doyle’s work! My first encounter with Sherlock Holmes was actually through Star Trek: The Next Generation. My favorite character, Data, would dress up as him to solve mysteries aboard the ship. (See main image at top of screen.) So, again, (to my shame) it was movies that brought me to my favorite books.


7. A Series of Unfortunate Events By: Lemony Snicket – A short, sad(ish), funny tale of the Baudelaire children who tragically lost their home in a fire and are being chased by the evil Count Olaf for their money.

Lemony Snicket’s writing style is just the best. From the constant defining of words to the random “proceed with cautions,” I just love it! I haven’t quite finished this series, though, and I am fearful of what people are telling me about the end.


8. Return to Harmony By: Janette Oke – Two best friends go their separate ways because of many trials in their lives.

One day when I was younger, I happened to tell my dear father that I liked this book. That is when he proceeded to go to a used bookstore and buy me around 30 of her other ones. This particular book really touched me for some reason. I can’t say that about all of Oke’s other stories, but this is worth picking up.


9. Matched By: Ally Condie – A girl chooses to not follow the rules of a society which decides who you love, where you work, how you live, and when you die.

Now this one is odd to be on my top ten because I only like this book in the series. I don’t just dislike the other two books, I DESPISE them and consider them some of the worst books I’ve ever read. They are gag-worthy. This book, on the other hand, I enjoyed immensely. I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you enjoy not having an ending to your book.


10. (Stereotypical count: 4) Eragon By: Christopher Paolini – A boy takes a stone that turns out to be a dragon egg. His uncle is murdered by the king, which causes the boy and his dragon to set off to take revenge and possibly save the world.

This is my last and least favorite of my top ten. I really enjoyed this book and thought it was cute. I adore dragons, though, so why would I not like it?

Thanks for reading my top ten books! What are yours? Do you agree with my list? Let me know down in the comments! Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “My Top Ten Books

  1. I adore Sherlock too!!!!! I think romance stories are wonderful, but so many books and movies make it the seem like the top possible relationship you can have. So I love how in Sherlock his platonic relationship with Watson is the one he’s most devoted to. ❤ LOVE IT.

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  2. Great list, I haven’t read any of those though. I am planning to try Pride and Prejudice again this year, I tried it few years ago, but it was hard to concentrate on the language, as I am not a native speaker, however I am improved since then, so I think I am ready now (hahaha). I also love dragons and have picked up Eragon in charity shop, to read this year. I think as a romance addict, I would put one Nora Roberts book in my top 10, but which one.. it’s hard to choose… Also maybe one of Agatha Christie and Danielle Steel.

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    1. Thank you! You haven’t read Sherlock? *gasp* Haha.

      The language of Pride and Prejudice is hard to concentrate on even as a native speaker! Like I said though, the beginning is a little slow, but it gets much better. I hope you like it this time!

      I’ve never read a Nora Roberts. I have read Agatha Christie, though. She is very good at weaving an intriguing mystery.

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      1. I know about Sherlock, I watched movies, but never read the book. Yet… It’s not often that I read popular books, just something I pick up in thrift stores, books that I never heard before. But I have read few popular books, like Paulo Coelho Alchemist and Veronika decides to die.

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