New Year, New Books

Wow! I can’t believe it’s 2018 already! Happy New Year!

I am pretty proud of my reading this past year. I successfully read 55 books on my goal of 35.  And according to Goodreads, I read around 13,000 pages (making my average per book around 250). I’d prefer that number to be slightly higher, so I’ll work on it this year.

I’m actually trying to get into some more classics. I adore them but don’t read many. Here’s a shocker for you all, I want to read War and Peace. Yes, you read that right. I want to read it. I’ve always had a fascination with classic books that people hate (or occasionally really love). I suppose it is because I never had to read them when I was younger because I was homeschooled. I read so much on my own that my mother didn’t worry about assigning books.

What are your reading goals for this year? Do you have any recommendations for me? I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 holds. Happy New Year, my friends!

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