Romance Books (And Why I Don’t Read Them)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Today is the day for cuddling, romantic dinners, chocolates, candles, kisses, etc. For some, though, it’s a day of feeling sorry for yourself and drowning sorrows in steamy romance books. I may have some chocolates and a nice meal, but I am neither of those stereotypes.

The number one reason I don’t read romance books is … sex. Why is that so necessary? Today’s society has come to believe that love is only the action, but that is far from true. I need a deep, thought-provoking, sweet tale of two people falling for each other. I know there are some, but they are becoming a minority.

If romance books were all more like Pride and Prejudice (which some of you know to be one of my favorite books), I might try a few more, but even Pride and Prejudice romance isn’t something I seek out.

So, I may not be digging into a steamy romance anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to suggestions. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and if you’re single, enjoy it while it lasts.  😉


9 thoughts on “Romance Books (And Why I Don’t Read Them)

  1. Ha, you surprised me with this one! I love romance, silly, sweet, passionate, etc. etc. My favourite are Mills and Boon Regency. I also love Nora Roberts, and some of Danielle Steel. If I do not want too much passion, sometimes I choose to read YA. But I also love erotica… I shy away from horror and true crime, anything too scary and ugly is not for me. I think my favourite thing about romance is, easy reading experience and predictability. It is true, that you do not need to think much with romance, from the page one, you can tell the heroes will get married in the end (and I love all little wedding details, and am very disappointed if I do not get them!). Sometimes I wish I was that sophisticated woman, who reads non-fiction and everything educational and classic, but I stopped forcing those books onto myself, because reading for me is escapism and relaxation, so it makes point to read what you love!

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