Maribel’s Rainy Day ~Book Review~

Maribel's Rainy Day By: Shauna Havlina,  Leanne Richter, and Ceth Ashen Ages 10 and under 5 Stars The authors of Jameon's Closet are back at it, again, with another inspirational, self-help children's book! Maribel's Closet is "a story about coping with worry. It is meant to help kids weather the storms of bad memories and daily … Continue reading Maribel’s Rainy Day ~Book Review~

Jameon’s Closet ~Book Review~

Jameon's Closet By: Shauna Havlina and Leanne Richter Ages 10 and under 5 Stars This is not any everyday children's book. The purpose of Jameon's Closet (according to the second page and back cover) is "... a story written to help children acknowledge and respect their feelings... even the hard ones. It is meant as a … Continue reading Jameon’s Closet ~Book Review~