Freedom’s Light ~Book Review~

Freedom's Light By: Colleen Coble Cleanliness (See "About" for scale): Yuck (Topics to consider: war, murder, religion, kissing, mention of abuse, drinking, multiple scenes of implied sex, and death.) 4.5 stars This story will totally suck you in. The Revolutionary War setting makes this book so much more than just a romance. It has mystery, … Continue reading Freedom’s Light ~Book Review~

ESV Archaeology Study Bible ~Review~

ESV Archaeology Study Bible Published by: Crossway 4.5 Stars First of all, I want to say: #1 I have only read the footnotes in this book through Exodus at the time of writing this review. #2 A study bible really shouldn't be read the way I read it. This study bible is really, really cool. … Continue reading ESV Archaeology Study Bible ~Review~