When Grandpa Gets Going ~Book Review~

When Grandpa Gets Going By: David Radman Ages 3+ Content to consider: burping and mention of monsters. 4.5 stars When Grandpa Gets Going is an adorable book that teaches kids about rhyming. It's a story about all the things Grandpa does with his grandchildren when they are over. Grandpa has lots of fun including: reading … Continue reading When Grandpa Gets Going ~Book Review~

A Flash of Red ~Book Review~

A Flash of Red By:¬†Judith Blevins and¬†Carroll Multz 3 Stars This is a very cute, but odd book. One major problem is it has many words and references that children would not quite understand, but it's too boring for older children. Basically, I don't believe it fits an age range. I also completely despise the … Continue reading A Flash of Red ~Book Review~