Something About Ann ~Book Review~

Something About Ann By: J. Everett Prewitt Cleanliness (See "About" for scale): Trash (40+ curse words. Other content: war, guns, descriptive deaths, blood, PTSD, adultery, abuse, descriptive sex, and drinking.) 2 stars This book had so, so much potential. It is a collection of short, interconnected stories revolving around soldiers that survived a war together. … Continue reading Something About Ann ~Book Review~

The Beloveds ~Book Review~

The Beloveds¬†(ARC) By: Maureen Lindley Expected Publication: April 3, 2018 Cleanliness (See "About" for scale): Disgusting (15+ curse words. Other topics to consider: extreme hate, rage, disrespect to family, jealousy, cancer, mental health, mention of sex, divorce, drugs, drinking, smoking, stealing, and murder.) 3 stars [Side note:] This book I received is an ARC (advanced … Continue reading The Beloveds ~Book Review~