Far Beyond the Sun ~Book Review~

Far Beyond the Sun By: Dolev Zaharony 2.5 stars This book is a fun story of a little kid who wants to be the highest kid in the world - specifically taller than the sun. It teaches kids that absolutely anything is possible if you are inventive and use your imagination! The illustrations are fairly … Continue reading Far Beyond the Sun ~Book Review~

The Two Tails ~Book Review~

The Two Tails: Impeccable Petunia Part 2 By: Katie Christine Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Slightly tainted (Topics to consider: violence and death.) 4 Stars If you haven't seen my review for part I of this series, take a look here: Part I. This book took Petunia's adventures in her little coop and expanded it … Continue reading The Two Tails ~Book Review~

Aftan Whispers ~Book Review~

Aftan Whispers By: Phil Williams Cleanliness (See "About" for scale): Disgusting (20+ curse words [Esp. F-Bombs]. Other questionable topics: slavery, semi-descriptive murder, drinking, kissing, and death.) 3 stars The beginning of this book was great. It was interesting, fast-paced, and sort of reminded me of Aladdin for some reason. The characters had pretty good depth. … Continue reading Aftan Whispers ~Book Review~