Star Wars ~Book Tag~

Today is May the 4th, A.K.A. STAR WARS DAY!!! I love the Star Wars franchise! It's something that I've grown up on and honestly can't imagine my life without. I found this tag on Wanders Between Pages, so go check out her answers! Let's begin! Darth Vader - A book that started out good, but … Continue reading Star Wars ~Book Tag~

Romance Books (And Why I Don’t Read Them)

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Today is the day for cuddling, romantic dinners, chocolates, candles, kisses, etc. For some, though, it's a day of feeling sorry for yourself and drowning sorrows in steamy romance books. I may have some chocolates and a nice meal, but I am neither of those stereotypes. The number one reason … Continue reading Romance Books (And Why I Don’t Read Them)