I Am Malala ~Book Review~


I Am Malala

By: Malala Yousafzai

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Slightly tainted (Topics to consider: terrorism, shootings, bombings, mention of stillbirth, blood, sexism, religion, surgery, and murder.)

5 Stars

Wow. Just wow. I Am Malala is the autobiography of a young girl from Pakistan who stood up for women’s rights and education and was shot by the Taliban for it. Detailed and heart-wrenching, this story is so inspiring.

Her book does not seem like something that should take place in the 21st century. The injustice and inequality is mind-blowing. The oppression of females is beyond sad and disturbing. Yet, Malala shows you that no matter how bad your life is, you are still blessed.

I Am Malala is intense and scary sometimes, but I think that helps people better understand the things Malala stands for. She is an amazingly brave girl who sheds light on the terrors that Pakistan and other countries face. This book will touch your heart, and hopefully make you more aware of the problems this world still has.

13 thoughts on “I Am Malala ~Book Review~

  1. I’m currently obsessed with Malala and I have been catching up with her interviews on Youtube. That’s how I ended up here! I’ll definitely look the book up and have a read. Nice post by the way!

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