Shame Book Tag


shame book tag

I was tagged by María at Bookgraphy to do the Shame Book Tag! Thanks so much! Check out her post here: tag. This tag is all about bookish things we love that everyone else hates. I honestly don’t know how well I’ll do answering these since you really need to read “popular” books to have unpopular opinions. I’ll have to look up reviews to see if everyone hates it or not. Haha


1. A Book that Everyone Hates but You Love

The one that first came to my mind was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I absolutely love this book/screenplay, and it was the first screenplay I ever read. Because I enjoyed it so much, it helped me to branch out and try different types of literature. I know a lot of people really love it, but I’ve heard some very harsh opinions of it, too.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two (Harry Potter, #8)


2. Unpopular Character You Love

I immediately thought of another Harry Potter related one: Severus Snape. He is my absolute favorite character of the series. I think he’s the greatest because although he made a lot of mistakes in his life, he sacrificed himself and a big part of his life to help others in the end. To me, he is a relatable character because life has a lot of grey points, not just black and white. He shows that no matter what terrible choices you may have made in life, you can always turn back to the good and bravely face your consequences.


3. A Book Boyfriend You Know You Shouldn’t Love

I can’t be the only bookworm in the world that doesn’t really have book boyfriends, right? The only romance in the book world I really love is in Pride and Prejudice, but Darcy married Elizabeth, so he can’t be mine… I’m just going to go off characters I really like and say Loki. (Does he even count? Oh well!)


See the source image


4. A Book You Know Is Bad But Still Love

Candide by: Voltaire. It’s a confusing, horrible, disgusting book that I would never read again, but I absolutely loved the storyline. Yeah, I’m confused too. Check out my review here: Candide Review.



5. Underrated Author

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, COLLEEN COBLE!!!! She is sooo amazing! I love her books. (My more recent favorite of hers is probably The House at Saltwater Point.)

See the source image


6. A Book that You Don’t Want People to Know You’ve Read

Why would I tell? Just kidding! Head over to my cleanliness page and check out the reviews under my Trash rating. Although I didn’t fully finish most of those, they definitely apply to this question. (Including Candide! Haha!)


Hey, I actually answered all of these questions! Yay me! What do you think of my answers? Do any of you not have book boyfriends either?


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