The Sky Above Us ~Book Review~

The sky above us

The Sky Above Us

By: Sarah Sundin

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Yuck (Content to consider: smoking, drinking, groping, sexual discussions, implied sex, kissing, war, and death.)

4 stars

This historical romance will make you not want to set it down! The Sky Above Us is the story of pain, mistakes, estranged families, love, war, hate, and forgiveness. Set around D-Day, this book really pulls you into the 1940s and gives you an adventure.

The beginning started so mysteriously and made me want to read more, but the many details about the planes did bore me a little bit. I’m sure it would appeal to other people. The war section was pretty fast-paced and interesting.

The romance was full of “tough love,” bad choices, and misunderstandings. Although it was rocky, the main characters’ relationship was also cute and pure. True love was valued over flings. There was quite a lot of drama, but it was reasonable for the circumstances.

Religion played a much bigger role in this story than I first thought it would. For example, many of the chapters touched on missionary work. The main religious theme that overwhelmed the book was forgiveness. Both of the main characters were put through many trials. They discovered that although it may not seem like anyone will forgive you, it does not hurt to try. Fess up to your mistakes and try to make things right. Most importantly, don’t forget to forgive yourself.


~I was sent a free copy from Revell for an honest review~

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