Why Being Single Is (NOT) the End of the World


Today is Valentine’s Day. A day of love, relationships, presents, fancy dinners, and sadness. Why sadness? Because we, my friends, are in a group called “the singles.”

Guess what, being single shouldn’t equal sadness. A relationship does not make or break you. What’s awesome about being in the singles group (besides being able to set your own schedule, eat whatever you want, and focus on yourself) is that it is a group! You are most definitely not the only person feeling down in the dumps this Valentine’s Day. If you have single friends, go have a night out with them. If you don’t, find some online! There are always opportunities to get out and enjoy yourself, so especially do that today.

Don’t forget to treat yourself today! Buy some chocolates! Watch a movie (but seriously NO sappy romances)! Today is the day to focus on you – no, not what you don’t have, but what you do.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my single guys and gals out there! Enjoy it while it lasts.


P.S. Here’s a few videos from one of my favorite comedy groups, Studio C, to cheer you up and show you just how silly the single stereotype is. Have a look: A Crushing Valentine’s DayThe Single Killer, Life Alert Dating, Love at First Sight, How to Read Flirting Signals, and Third Wheel Song.

8 thoughts on “Why Being Single Is (NOT) the End of the World

  1. Some good thoughts! Getting out with others and focusing on what you do have are great ideas!

    I think the “happy” in romance is hyped up like the “merry” in Christmas” for our society, and people hold expectations of what “happy” and “merry” should deliver that aren’t very realistic. There are a lots of bumps and grinds when it comes to making a long-term relationship work and —as you say— lots of advantages to being on your own until you find someone you can actually live with.

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