Too Many Books


“Houston, we have a problem.” Yes, it is probably the most awesome problem I could possibly have, but… it’s still a problem. In a post not too long ago (check it out here: Becoming a Book Reviewer – Pros and Cons), I mentioned how bad of an idea it was to accept too many books for review. Well, ladies and gentlemen… I am in that boat right now!

The picture above is of the books I need to review this month (not even counting the ebooks) It actually wasn’t that I accepted too many; it was that I have less time than I expected this month. I’m also kind of in a reading slump, so that is reaaaally not helping.

No, I don’t actually 100% have to review all of them this month, but I feel really bad that I am not hitting my deadlines like I was. I am also having to refuse so many good books that people are submitting!

So, I wrote this post as a warning to all book reviewers! Keep up with how many books people are sending you, and judge how busy you will be in the next month! Also, I want to apologize to all the authors that have sent me a book. I didn’t give you all definite deadlines, but I’m sure it’s been longer than you wanted it to be. I promise it will be done, though!

Have you guys ever had this problem? I would appreciate some suggestions on how to get out of a reading slump in the comments! Thanks for reading!

15 thoughts on “Too Many Books

  1. I know how you feel. I’m confident I can get through the books I have just figuring out my reading order is the hardest for me right now. I have several books on NetGalley that I’ve had for a bit but the tours I’m reading them for aren’t for a few months still so they aren’t urgent for anything other than my percentage on my profile. For me the best help for a reading slump is to either take a day and not read at all, or read something with a lot of suspense or something that’s a little different from what I normally read to change things up a bit. Good luck getting through your pile!

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  2. I’m pretty sure we all find ourselves in this situation at some point! It sounds counterintuitive, but my best advice for overcoming a reading slump is to take a break. Give yourself the okay to not read for a few days (or weeks if needed) without the headache of feeling guilty for not reading. I find that the more pressure I put on myself to read, the less i want to do so! This whole book blogging thing is supposed to be fun! Remember that…and do what you need to do to get that feeling back!

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  3. Try not to be too hard on yourself, at least you won’t run out of reading material! I’m in the same boat and I’ve found either setting myself a challenge and blogging about it, or signing up to a challenge has increased my reading these past few months. Something about others reading your success or failure spurs you on that bit more. As long as you’re enjoying your reading that’s the main thing. Good luck 🍀 😊

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  4. Don’t put so much pressure on you. Otherwise reading and writing will become a burden. If you think you can’t read that many books politely decline or let them know it will take you longer. Happy reading! 💕📖

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  5. I only read for pleasure and in my own time, so the only way I can relate to your situation, is when I am under pressure to return book to the library (I know it’s not the same hahaha). Good luck with those awesome books!

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