Giveaway Winners!

book giveaway

My first giveaway is concluded! Our two winners are (drum roll, please)… Jana from Reviews from the Stacks and Becky from Velvet Spade Reads! Congratulations guys and thanks for entering!!! I had a lot of fun being able to do this and I appreciate all of my followers so much!

Jana, I hope you enjoy the book!!! Becky, I hope you enjoy the tea and your shout-out is below!

If you aren’t following Velvet Spade Reads (or Reviews from the Stacks for that matter), you should be!! Becky is a really amazing blogger (and I’m not saying that just because it’s part of the prize). She publishes posts almost every single day and they are always so fun to read. She has always been a very encouraging person on my blog and it really means so much!

Thank you all for reading and joining in on my blogging adventure! Here’s to many more posts to come!

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