Guest Blogger: Joey ~Book Review~

Here’s something new to my blog. Today, I have a post not written by me! This is Peggy’s (check her blog out here: A Quiet and Peaceable Life) review of Joey! Please give her a big welcome to guest blogging and make sure to check out my review of this book here! Thanks to Peggy for sharing her book review with us! Let’s begin.

guest blogger joey


By: Jennifer Marshall Bleakley


By the end of the third chapter of the book Joey, I was hooked. Joey was a blind, abused Appaloosa horse — a rescue animal who was given a second chance. It was difficult to put this book down! For a first-time author, Jennifer Marshall Bleakley did a fantastic job.

Kim Tschirret established Hope Reins: a 33-acre, non-profit horse ranch in Raleigh, North Carolina. Emotionally wounded kids ages 3-18 received free sessions to heal their bodies and their souls.

This true story of loyalty, friendship, and healing for children, horses, and ranch volunteers was a tear-jerker. The bond between people and horses was truly inspiring. Through faith in God, those who worked at the ranch accomplished amazing results in healing each person who came in contact with the rescued horses. I soon found I needed to read this book in private and let the tears flow unchecked. The faith, prayers, compassion, and love were truly overwhelming.

The story of Joey, his pasture companion Speckles, and all the horses was absolutely wonderful. Speckles became Joey’s eyes and a devoted friend.

This book centered around Joey is well worth reading. This story needed to be told. In this day and age with its evil and violence, we need to show the goodness that still continues on this earth. We all need to bring God and prayer into our lives to become better people.

This book was published by Tyndale House Publishers. Their website is:

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