Easter ~Book Tag~

easter book tag

Happy Easter to everybunny! (Hehe — too corny?) I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I found this tag on Ally Writes Things. So, thanks for the (old) idea, Ally!

1. Rabbits — a book you wish could multiply or have a sequel

Definitely Twilight! You can never have enough of those sparkly vampires.

2. Egg — a book that surprised you

The Encyclopedia Britannica. That ending, tho!

3. Hunt — a book that was hard for you to get your hands on

The Harry Potter series. Those suckers are just nowhere, you know! I literally never see them.

4. Lambs — a children’s story you still enjoy

I’m nuts over anything Barney.

5. Spring — a book with a cover that reminds you of Spring

Hunted by: Meagan Spooner. So springy! ❤


6. Rising from the dead — a book from a deceased author

A Series of Unfortunate Events. R.I.P. Lemony Snicket! 😦

7. Baskets — a book in your wishlist right now

I actually don’t have any. I have way too many books right now.

8. Candy — a book that is sweet

It by Stephen King. It’s so sweet it’s almost sappy!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Are your answers the same as mine? Have a happy Easter Sunday and — oh wait — happy April Fools’ Day, too! 😉

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