Book Burning Photography

Alright, before you freak out with “WHat?! How could she!!!” and “What a terrible person!!!”, some books just need to be let go. I like to get rid of my books in unique ways, and I think it makes them even more beautiful!

The first attempt of lighting the book didn’t go well. This photo shows the extent of the burning. It just wouldn’t light.


So, I poured oil on it. Real lovely, right?


But then … something awesome happened. It burned!





I must say, my smoke photos were definitely the most magical!




Stay tuned for more photos of this book. I will be posting some in the next month or so from when I put the flame out. They are pretty awesome!

What did you think? Would you be able to burn a book? I was really torn about it, but I definitely don’t regret it! Thanks for reading.

15 thoughts on “Book Burning Photography

  1. Oh, no, I couldn’t do it to any my own books, even if I do not really like the story. I could burn really evil book, something that glorifies rape, epidural, murder, vaccines, child- brides, CIO- Yes, I could burn! If it is just something boring I rather donate or sell, so someone else could enjoy it.

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