8 Ways to Organize Your Books

Bookshelf organization varies from person to person. I’ve tried many different ways of organizing and finally found one that fits me. First, let’s explore the pros and cons (in my opinion) of some of the most popular ways to organize.

1. Color

rainbow books

Pros: Absolutely stunning, conversation starter.

Cons: Extremely hard to accomplish. None of your series are together.

I spent so much time trying to organize like this and then failed anyway. Some colors are just too close together to tell!

2. Alphabetical (By Author)


Pros: All series are together. Easy to find books (if you know their author).

Cons: Plain and boring on looks. Hard to find books (if you don’t know their author).

This is the typical library/bookstore look. It’s perfect for the practical person.

3. Alphabetical (By Book Title)

alphabetical 2.jpg

Pros: Super easy to find books! More unique.

Cons: Series and books by same authors are not together.

This is so great in some ways and terrible in others. I love the idea of it, but can’t stand my series to be apart.

4. Genre


Pros: Unique. Easy to find similar books.

Cons: Books by same author may not be together. Probably no one but you can find the books they are looking for. You can easily forget what genre a book is.

I have such trouble remembering genres. To find my book, I would end up having to Google it’s genre! Haha.

5. Chronological


Pros: Very interesting. Good system for those who read more historical or non-fiction books vs fiction or YA.

Cons: Again, no one could find anything on your shelf except you. Series and similar books are not together.

Very interesting concept. This wouldn’t work for me, but I think it would be great for lovers of history (and probably people with few books).

6. Read Vs Unread

read bookshelf

Pros: Easily tell which books you need to read next. This style can be used in combination with others.

Cons: Series won’t necessarily be together. You have to remember to put the book in a new place after you read it.

It’s really nice to just be able to glance up and tell which ones you need to read. Also, people will know which books to ask for recommendations on.

7. Artistic

artistic books

Pros: Conversation starter. Good for modern homes. Perfect for people with the love of knick-knacks.

Cons: Books harder to find (depending on if you use this in combination with another organization). Can become messy easily. Less room for books.

This can be so much fun. I don’t just mean that you have to have a crazy bookshelf like the picture, but maybe just some stacks and knick-knacks here and there.

8. Disorganized (Artistic Without Order)


Pros: No stress on organization. Easy to put books away. Unique look to shelves.

Cons: Messy. Difficult to find books. Books can get torn up easily.

This one irks me, but I know some people like it. I don’t think I could be disorganized if I tried.


The bookshelf organization that makes me the happiest is actually a mixture. I have mine organized by read/unread, and each of those sections is organized by alphabetical authors’ name. You could also consider it artistic, I suppose. I have books turned in different ways and some knick-knacks, too. This is the little sign I made to separate the sections.



Which style do you like best? Is your bookshelf organized in one of these ways? Please tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading!

18 thoughts on “8 Ways to Organize Your Books

  1. Mine are somewhat organized and unorganized. Books written by same authors are together, but only those I’ve read. My classics are separate from non-classics. I have a chest box in our basement that are on the list of 100 classics, but they’re still separate from other classics. So tl;dr version, though my books look organized in appearance, I’m really the only who can find particular books in my collection 😂😂😂

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  2. I actually wish I had shelves to properly display my books. Most of them are just in piles on the ground/desk/wherever-there-is-space, but my more immediate piles are my “why haven’t I reviewed this yet?” (which is undoubtedly massive) and my recent pretties that just came in the mail that I can have close by to stare at. If I had shelves, I’d probably do it by…alphabetical…? Who knows, actually.

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    1. Shelves are definitely a good investment! Even with mine, though, I prefer to have have review books in a pile on my desk. It helps me see what I need to get done.

      My “pretties” are turned out where I can see the covers on my bookshelf. I’m always disappointed when I have to turn it back with all the others when my shelf gets too crowded. Haha


  3. This was a really fun post to read! I love how the color-organized books looks, but I know I could never accomplish that! At my house, we have a LOT of books, so it’s hard to find a spot in the shelves for one. We keep children’s separated from the other books; otherwise, if it fits, stick it in there! 🙂


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